Shady Kholdy

Name: Shady Kholdy

Office location: 164–2069

Phone number: (909) 869-3795



  • Ph.D. Economics: UC Santa Barbara
  • M.A. Economics: UC Santa Barbara

Courses taught:

Undergraduate and graduate courses in Financial Management, Corporate Finance, Financial Modeling and Econometrics.

Most recent publications:

  • “Noise Traders and the Rational Investors: a Comparison of the 1990s and the 2000s,” Journal of Economic Studies, accepted in November 2013, forthcoming, co-authored with Ahmad Sohrabian.
  • “Do MNCs Spur Financial Markets in Corrupt Host Countries?” Journal of Economics and Finance, 2013, Vol. 37(2), 308-317, co-authored with Ahmad Sohrabian and Mohsen Bahmani-Oskoee.
  • “Foreign direct investment, financial markets, and political corruption,” Journal of Economic Studies, 2008, Vol. 35, No. 6, co-authored with Ahmad Sohrabian.
  • “Capital Gain Expectations and Efficiency in the Real Estate Markets,” Journal of Business and Economics Research, April 2008, co-authored with Ahmad Sohrabian.
  • “Internal Finance and Corporate Investment,” The Financial Review, May 2001, Vol. 36, No. 2, co-authored with Ahmad Sohrabian.
  • “International Transmission of Stock Market Movements: Evidence from the Asian Financial Crisis,” International Review of Economics and Business, December 2000, co-authored with Ahmad Sohrabian.
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