Job & Internship Opportunities

These are internship opportunities the department receives information about. These are not automatically approved for internship credit from the department.

Please click on each title to learn more about the opportunity. We are not aware if the positions have been filled or not, but we will attempt to update this as much as possible. If you know of any relevant opportunities that you would like to share, please email Dr. Paul Sarmas at and Dr. Yu at

Thank you.


  1. A GPA of 2.5 or above.
  2. Prerequisites: A minimum grade of C (2.0) in ENG 1103 (or IGE1100 and IGE 1200), FRL 2013, STA 1200, MAT 1250 & FRL 3000.
  3. Offer letter with detailed Job description on company letterhead.
  4. The internship needs to be related to your major, Finance, Real Estate, Business Law, or Contract Management.
  5. Proof that the business procures and maintains General Liability Insurance and Worker's Compensation coverage for interns.
  6. Work hours and compensation per week
  7. Completed Academic Internship Partner Agreement Form
  8. Completed Partnership Partner Site Self-Assessment Form
  9. Completed Academic Internship Release of Liability Form
  10. Home-Based/Virtual Internships:
    • The University does not allow home-based internship
    • Definitely do NOT allow students to work "on-site" at an individual's home.
    • An individual's home is NOT considered to be a safe work environment.
    • Virtual Internships are also not allowed. This type of internship would not allow students to engage in a workforce environment.


Jobs & Internships

Finance Jobs
Finance Internships
Real Estate Jobs
Real Estate Internships
Contract Management Jobs
Contract Management Internships
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