• Pre-Approval

Before you register in the internship class, please make sure:

  1. You have an internship offer;
  2. The internship is related to your major, IB, MKT, or business in general;
  3. If you are using your current job to fulfill internship class requirement, you can not get credit for the same job for more than one semester unless you have new responsibilities and new learning goals for this position;
  4. The business/organization procures and maintains General Liability Insurance or Workers' Compensation coverage for the interns;
  5. Home-Based/Virtual Internships:
      1. The University does not approve businesses whose work site is an individual’s home.
      2. Virtual Internships are also not allowed. This type of internship would not allow students to engage in a workforce environment, unless the student receives close supervision from an advisor. 

        Note: Item 5 requirement is NOT applicable for Fall and Spring Terms. Per univeristy health alert of COVID 19, summer and fall term classes are all remote/virtual. All IBM Fall 2020 internships must be virtual.
  • Documents required at the beginning of the semester

Please visit HTTPS:// for required forms after you are registered. Everything is filled out and submitted online now.  Use your Bronco ID and psw to log in. Once logged in, you will find a student guide on the help page if you have questions. 

  • Internship course registration for Spring.

Spring 2021 Internships are by Instructor consent and require permission codes due to additional requirements from the univiesrsity. You need to secure an internship and provide information about your internship position to the instructor by filing out a form link in order to get the permission code from the instructor. You will receive a response within a week.


The syllabus will be posted on Blackboard course Webster. It includes policies regarding IBM 4410, as well as information required to earn course credit for the Internship in Marketing and International Business. Please meet all assignment deadlines listed in this syllabus. Failure to do so will prevent you from earning credit for your internship.


  • Internship hours required for semesters starting from 2018

You are expected to work 6 hours per week during the semester for each academic credit.

Instructor information

Professor: Dr. Jing Hu
Office: 164-3087
Phone: (909) 869-2442


Course  description

Faculty-supervised on-the-job educational experience in the real-world marketing management environment. Allocation of unit credit is dependent upon the nature of the work done, the level of responsibility, and the number of hours worked. Total credit limited to 6 units, with a maximum of 3 units per semester for IBM 4410. Please make sure all preapproval criteria are met before registration.

Registration information

If you wish to receive academic credits for your internship, you need to enroll in the internship class IBM 4410. You should enroll in the section (i.e., Section 1, 2, or 3) that corresponds to the number of hours worked each week based on a 16-week schedule, as follows:

Section       Hours of work per week during the registered semester:

01                                           6 – 11

02                                         12 – 17

03                                         18+

Assignments and grading (check blackboard for details)

Mandatory meeting: Students must attend one of the mandatory internship meetings at the beginning of the semester. Failure to do so will result in being dropped from the class.

Internship learning plan, release of liability, and visual/audio image release form (due by the second week of the semester): You must complete these three forms online at HTTPS:// after you are registered. This assignment will not be graded, but it must be completed and submitted by the deadline. Late submissions will not be accepted for any reason, and you will receive an F for the course.

Internship report: Students must complete a report on the internship experience, describing accomplishment of the learning plan, specifically addressing your objectives. This assignment must be five pages long, in the following format: double-spaced, single-sided, Times New Roman font type, 12-point font size, 1-inch margins all around. Do not place in a binder of any kind. Remember, this is a business paper that must be written in a concise style using headings, subheadings and bullet points. You will lose points if you do not use the correct format.

Supervisor evaluation: Supervisors must complete an evaluation form on the intern's perforce. The required form is posted on Blackboard course Webster.

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