Dr. Xuguan (Steve) Guo

Professor Guo 2018 headshot

Associate Professor of Human Resources
(909) 869-3043

Dr. Xuguang (Steve) Guo received his Ph.D. degree from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. His research focuses on human resource management, workers’ compensation, health insurance. He teaches human resource management, compensation and benefits, training and development courses.

Research Interests

Entrepreneurship, Labor Relations, Workers Compensation

Recent Publications

  • Guo, Xuguang and Jon Werner, 2016. “Gender, Family and Business: An Empirical Study of Incorporated Self-Employed Individuals in the U.S.”, International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship. 8(4): 373-401.
  • Guo, Xuguang and Ran Tao, 2015. "Health Benefits Downward Rigidity: Employers' Responses to Rising Insurance Costs”, Risk Management and Insurance Review, 18(2): 217-241.
  • Guo, Xuguang and John F. Burton, Jr., 2012. “The Growth of SSDI Recipients: A Spillover Effect from Workers’ Compensation,” Social Security Bulletin, 72 (3): 69-88.
  • Guo, Xuguang and John F. Burton, Jr., 2010. “Workers’ Compensation: Recent Developments in Moral Hazard and Benefit Payments,” Industrial and Labor Relation Review, 63(2): 340-55.
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