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Unlike regular AA or AS degrees, the Associate Degrees for Transfer (ADT) come with certain guarantees and are designed specifically for transferring into the California State University (CSU) system.  ADTs are sometimes referred to as the STAR Act or SB 1440.  To learn more, please contact your California Community College counselor, or visit A Degree With a Guarantee

If you enroll in an Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) program at a California Community College (CCC), you can transfer to a CSU and graduate with only 120 units. There are two kinds of ADT programs: Associate in Art for Transfer (AA-T) and Associate in Science for Transfer (AS-T). 

College of Business Administration students will follow the Associate in Science for Transfer (AS-T)  program

To qualify for admission to an AD-T degree-completion program at Cal Poly Pomona (CPP), you must:

  • Be pursuing one of the California Community College ADT majors that matches a major at CPP, and
  • Apply for admissions to the matching CPP-approved major and option, and
    • In the Education section of the Cal State Apply application, transfer applicants must select Transferring from an ADT-eligible Associate’s Degree Program and identify the Community College and ADT program. 
    • Applicants who do not identify as an ADT transfer student will need to correct their application and declare the ADT.  They must contact each CSU campus to which they applied and request to update their information.  They then follow up with the community college to provide a paper verification and the student submits the verification to each campus.
  • Meet the CPP admissions requirement and deadlines for Upper Division Transfer Applicants
    • Cal Poly Pomona requires all transfers to complete the following by Spring prior to Fall enrollment or by Summer for Spring enrollment:
      • Must be in good academic standing at the last institution attended.
      • Must have a minimum of 2.00 GPA in transferable coursework.
      • Must have at least a minimum of 60 transferable semester units (90 quarter).
        • 30 of the 60-semester units (45 quarter), must be in General Education.
        • Completion of the "Golden Four."

Questions?  Please contact the Office of Admissions & Enrollment Planning

Completing an ADT in the Arts (an AA-T) or the Sciences (an AS-T) at a California Community College guarantees the benefits listed below.

ADT Benefits

  • Receive priority admission consideration.  This is an advantage because many CSU campuses and majors are impacted.
  • Be admitted with junior standing, ready for upper-division coursework at the CSU
  • Be guaranteed admission to a CSU, but not necessarily to a particular campus or major
  • Be able to complete the transfer major in 60-semester units.  *Note:  Changing the major (or option) or adding a second major or a minor that is not required for the major will void the guarantee.

Two-Year California Promise Program

Students admitted to CPP with a verified Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT) are invited to participate in the Two-Year California Promise Program to complete their Bachelor's degree in two years taking 30-semester units per year.

  • Please note that your acceptance is conditional until CPP confirms your ADT status. 
  • If your self-reported ADT is not verified by the Admissions & Enrollment Planning, you will not be eligible to continue the program in your second year.

Questions?  Please contact

College of Business Administration Students

College of Business Administration Students, please check your Degree Progress Report to confirm that you are in the Associate Degree for Transfer (AS-T) Program. 

  • The Degree Progress Report (DPR) is a tool that provides information about the completion status for the Undergraduate degree requirements at Cal Poly Pomona.  Commonly referred to as the "DPR", it identifies course requirements that are satisfied, in progress, and/or those still need of completion.
  • The Degree Progress Report (DPR) is available to students and academic advisors through the Advisee Student Center within the PeopleSoft system. Students can access their DPR through the MyCPP Portal.
  • Current Cal Poly Pomona Students with transfer courses and incoming Undergraduate Transfer Students attending Orientation can retrieve their Transfer Credit Report (TCR) from their Advisee Student Center with PeopleSoft after logging in via MyCPP Portal.  Both, the Degree Progress Report and Transfer Credit Report provide detailed information on how completed courses at Cal Poly Pomona and/or other institutions are applied to the completion of major requirements and progress to the degree.

Associate Degree for Transfer Confirmed

Once confirmed into the Associate Degree for Transfer (AA-T/AS-T) Program, students will be able to complete their Baccalaureate degree with 60 additional semester units.

  • Lower-division General Education (GE) requirements are completed as part of the AS-T degree.
  • To meet the 120 units required to graduate, 60 units must be completed prior to transfer. 
  • Remaining CPP requirements will vary depending upon the transfer coursework students have completed. 
  • To be eligible to finish the degree in 60 units, students should follow the ADT Degree Road Map for their major.
    • If student did not complete the CIS 1010 equivalent at their community college, they must pass the Personal Computer Proficiency Test (PCPT) in order to complete their program at Cal Poly Pomona within 60 units.
    • If student did not complete U.S. History and American Ideals at their community college, they must take HST 3340 History of American Institutions and Ideals, 1877-present to satisfy GE Area C3 in order to complete their program at Cal Poly Pomona within 60 units.
  • The ADT Degree Road Map is not intended to replace academic advisement.  Academic advisement in the major is highly recommended. 

To maintain the ADT guarantee of completing a CPP bachelor's degree in 60 additional semester units, students are required to:

  • Continue in the AS-T major in which they were admitted to CPP.  
  • Note:  Changing the major (or option) or adding a second major or a minor that is not required for the major will void the guarantee.
  • Continuously enroll in the same academic major at CPP unless the student is on an approved leave of absence. 
  • After enrollment at a CSU campus begins, the guarantee is not transferable to another CSU campus.
  • Pass the courses attempted that count toward the guarantee of 60-semester units at CPP with appropriate grades.  Repeated courses do not qualify as progress units.
  • Meet any specific academic progress requirements that are set by the individual academic programs to maintain enrollment in the program.

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