Faculty Advisors

Connecting and seeking advice from faculty is crucial to students' academic success. In matters of career exploration, concentration, job opportunities, and other career focus interest faculty are experts in their fields. Faculty are also excellent resources for students refining their interest and seeking potential advice on senior projects, internships, or job research.

The best way to get to know faculty is, of course, to take their courses. Enrolling in a course, participating in class, and completing your work should not exhaust your efforts to cultivate intellectual relationships with faculty. The College of Business Administration Student Success Center invites you to connect with a Faculty Advisor. Feel free to visit your professors' office hours, not only when you have course-related questions, but simply to introduce yourself, talk about your historical interests, career aspirations or academic goals.

The following is a list of Faculty Advisors in the College of Business Administration assigned to your specific sub-plan option:

Accounting Department

Computer Information Systems Department

Finance, Real Estate, and Law Department

International Business and Marketing Management Department

Management and Human Resources Department

Technology and Operations Management & E-Business Departmentt

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