Management and Human Resources Faculty Advisors


The MHR Department will function virtually starting now and until further notice. However, in order to keep active the operations of the department during these uncertain times, and help you, we have put together the measures described here.

If you need help Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, please email Ms. Martha Yanamura at If you need a call back, please email Ms. Yanamura and provide your cell number and she will call you back. You can also call the department at 909-869-2414 and leave a message, someone will call you back.

You can reach the Chair of the MHR Department, Dr. Carlos Gonzalez at

Dr. Gonzalez will have Zoom only office hours:

Stay healthy and practice your social distance. We will get through this together.

We are here to help you and please don’t hesitate to reach us.

We will provide information about the “Change of Major” meeting and “Internship/Senior Project” meeting soon. Please check MHR website often for more details.


Management and Human Resources
Location: Building 164, Room 3064
Administrative Support Coordinator:  Martha Yanamura
Telephone: (909) 869-2414

All tenured and tenure-track faculty are career advisors.  Advisors are available during office hours and by appointment.  The following is a list of faculty advisors:

Faculty Name Location Telephone Email
Dr. Carlos Gonzalez Building 164, Room 3064A (909) 869-5134

Department Chair

Internship Director


Dr. Jaenne Almaraz Building 164, Room 3052 (909) 869-2619 Management
Dr. Zeynep Aytug Building 164, Room 3035 (909) 869-2420 Management
Dr. Lianlian Lin Building 164, Room 3045 (909) 869-2422 Management
Dr. Nirmal Sethia Building 164, Room 3033 (909) 869-4152 Management
Dr. Monsour Sharifzadeh Building 164, Room 3038 (909) 869-2430 Management
Dr. Chantal van Esch Building 164, Room 3042 (909) 869-2415 Management
Dr. Preeti Wadhwa Building 164, Room 3063 (909) 869-4161 Management
Dr. James Bassett Building 164, Room 3054 (909) 869-2419 Human Resources
Dr. Kevin Farmer Building 164, Room 3036 (909) 869-2413 Human Resources
Dr. Steve (Xuguang) Guo Building 164, Room 3043 (909) 869-5227 Human Resources
Dr. Trayan Kushev Building 164, Room 3057 (909) 869-3057 Entrepreneurship


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