Cooperative (Co-Op) Education

Nicole Parr in a chemistry lab

Obtaining short-term and part-time paid jobs with hands-on training and practice related to science and engineering majors while attending university can help students land good jobs after graduation. Co-Op Education Program is one of the options for students to gain that valuable college experience.

Thanks to our valuable industry partners for their participation; contribution; and efforts, the Cal Poly Pomona Co-Op Program has been a success for more than 30 years.  The Cal Poly Pomona Co-Op Program wants not only to offer job opportunities for its sophomore; junior; and early senior students, but also to outreach and provide job offers to students in the USA, especially in California. 

Many of the former Co-Ops are now hold important positions at major companies, including Metropolitan Water District of Southern California; Boeing; Northrop Grumman; Lockheed Martin; AT&T; T-Mobile; JPL; Microsoft;  Google; Apple; CalFire;  CalTrans... 

Co-Op Job Flyer (PDF)

15 Co-Op Engineering job opportunities to apply by 1/31/2020 by 5pm

If interested, current sophomore, junior, and early senior engineering student applicants at accredited universities in the USA must read carefully the APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS to apply correctly and accordingly.


For current job postings, please visit the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation's website and look for job opportunities via Sponsored Programs link.  Co-Op jobs can be part-time and year-round with maximum of 20 hours of work per week or 40 hours of work per week during summer (end of June - end of August).   Job opportunities are most available during second week of January and first week of March when industry partners prepare for their student projects in upcoming summer and fall.

For more information, please contact the Co-Op Education Program Office at; 909-869-3434.