Semester Conversion for CEIS Undergraduates

Fall 2018 Semester begins August 23, 2018

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How many units should I take to stay on track?

The quarter system is 10-weeks and we usually recommend an average of 16-credits (four 4-credit classes) to reach graduation in a timely manner. The semester system is 15-weeks, and to graduate in the same timeframe as quarters you'll need to take 15-credits (five 3-credit classes).

What's the benefit of semesters? You'll have more time to get to know your professors and classmates, and you'll have more time to learn and study class material.

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How will I know what classes to take?

The University and College has created tools to help you through the semester transition:

Conversion Guide: Search for courses to find the semester translation.

Handbook: Includes information about tuition, financial aid, curriculum and GE changes, course numbering, unit changes, and the 2018-19 calendar.

Cheat Sheets for the CEIS Advising Worksheets

General Education & IGE Changes

General Education & IGE

Use the GE Conversion Tool to find a list of appropriate classes based on your curriculum year (semester or quarter). Contact your College Advisors, or the IGE front office (94-321) for additional information.