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Former GEMS Major Honored as CEIS' 2016 Distinguished Alumni

Bailee Rad (’04, gender, ethnic and multicultural studies): As a former top-ranked tennis player as a teenager, Bailee Rad spent the early part of her career in a different type of court – as a high-level workers’ compensation lawyer. She spent years fighting cases in court before realizing that she could make a bigger impact outside of the judicial system. She owns and operates Lavanderia Clasica, a 4,000-square-foot laundromat in Van Nuys that doubles as a community room that provides free educational and CPR classes, seminars, college application and resume-writing help, and other community programs.

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EWS Professor Speaks at the 2016 TEDxCPP Talks

Two professors from the College of Education & Integrative Studies will explore persistent stigmas in society at the second TEDxCPP.

Shayda Kafai and Roseanne Welch will be among eight speakers who will discuss topics ranging from sex to education to gender to religion onThursday, April 7, from 5 to 8 p.m. at Kellogg West. The theme of this year’s TEDxCPP is “The Ripple Effect.”

As a lecturer in the ethnic and women’s studies department by day and a writer by night, Kafai seeks to spread awareness of the oppression caused by words and phrases used to describe people with mental health disabilities.

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EWS Student Nestor Gonzales selected to participate in the highly competitive Emerging Archival Scholars Program

Nestor Gonzalez, a junior in the Ethnic and Women Studies Program, has been selected to participate in the Emerging Archival Scholars Program. Out of the hundreds of applications, twelve Emerging Archival Scholars were chosen to participate in this year's Emerging Archival Scholars Program. This year, the Program will be held will be held at the University of Texas at Austin from June 17-21, 2013. More information coming soon!

EWS Student Anna Marie Storti receives scholarship from Kellogg Undergraduate Scholars Program

Anna Marie Storti, a senior in the Ethnic and Women Studies Program, received a $2,000 scholarship from the Kellogg Undergraduate Scholars Program. Storti's project, titled "But You Don't Look Like a Lesbian: The Portrayal of Queer Life Through a Feminine Experience". Storti's research will focus on women who are positively labeled as feminine by society, but who are also negatively labeled as queer by society. More information coming soon!