IGE Program

The Interdisciplinary General Education curriculum provides an integrated, interdisciplinary, discussion-based approach to learning about literature, humanities, social sciences, and the arts. IGE is an alternative pattern to satisfy 21 units of the University GE requirements in areas A, C, and D. Students ready for GE area A2 (category II) are eligible to enroll in IGE 1100 in the Fall. Students ready for GE area A2 with support (category III and IV) need to enroll in the English stretch courses with support for GE area A2 credit and can enroll can enroll in IGE 1200 in spring, or IGE 1100 in the fall of the following year for GE area C2 credit. Students should see an advisor for specific GE coursework required by their major. The seven course IGE sequence has the following common Learning Outcomes:

  • Effective Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Historical, Social, and Multicultural Understanding
  • Understanding and Appreciation of Aesthetic Experiences
  • Articulation of Values
  • Information Literacy
  • Integrative Learning

Students must complete an IGE yearly sequence to earn general education credit. Single IGE classes do not fulfill GE requirements. Students who choose to leave IGE and complete the University General Education pattern should do so only at the end of a yearly sequence, e.g. after IGE 1200, IGE 2200 or IGE 2400

Students leaving IGE should seek advisement on how to fulfill remaining general education requirements. There is also some flexibility in the program based on the needs of various majors.  See your major advisor or the IGE program office for information. The IGE program is open to any qualified student or undergraduate department wishing to adopt it as an option. Students may substitute AP credit for up to 2 courses in the IGE Program. For more information, see departmental advisors or the IGE Department Chair. Please refer to the University Programs section in the course catalog for IGE course descriptions.

Total Required for Program: 21 units 

First Year:

Second Year:

Third Year (may be taken concurrently with the second year):

Fourth Year (may be taken the third year):

How IGE fulfills General Education Requirements:


Year Completion of IGE Courses Satisfies GE Requirements
First IGE 1100IGE 1200  A2 and C2
Second IGE 2100IGE 2200  C1 and C2
Third (or second)  IGE 2300IGE 2400  D1 and D3
Fourth (or third) IGE 3100  C3 or D4


Remaining GE Requirements to be Completed: 

All of Area B 
Remaining C3 or D4

*See Your Major Department for Advisement