What is the SEEDS Scholarship?

The Special Educators of Excellence in Diverse Settings (SEEDS) is a federally funded scholarship for students to earn either the preliminary Education Specialist extensive support needs (moderate/severe disabilities) credential or the Adapted Physical Education (APE) added authorization (and primary credential if needed) and their master’s degree.

Cal Poly Pomona was awarded $1.1 million dollars in funding through 2022. With the regional and national special education teacher shortage, the goal of SEEDS is to help fill that gap and to provide the financial support that students need to teach or service students with high-intensity needs. Project SEEDS has met our goal and 24 SEEDS scholars have been funded. 

As of Fall 2021, all available student support funds have been allocated. No further funding is available. 

Why SEEDS at Cal Poly Pomona?

  • Earn your preliminary Education Specialist or Adapted Physical Education added authorization and Master’s degree at no cost!
  • Receive an iPad and learn how to use technology and assistive technology for instruction and behavior support, and communication; our program is committed to integrating technology at no cost.
  • Receive all your textbooks and materials at no cost.
  • Attend a state or national special education conference at no cost.
  • SEEDS students may be traditional or intern students.
  • Receive a unique polytechnic “learn by doing” education, not experienced at other universities.
  • Develop expert, best practice collaboration skills through a transdisciplinary approach.
  • Receive mentoring from faculty and SEEDS peers during your first critical years of teaching.
  • Benefit from strong partnerships with local school districts such as: Baldwin Park Unified, Chino Valley Unified, Hacienda La Puente Unified, Pomona Unified, Upland Unified, Walnut Valley Unified and others.

What are the obligations for SEEDS scholars?

SEEDS Scholars must complete pre-scholarship agreements and exit certifications. SEEDS scholars must fulfill a service obligation and report data on their employment to the federal government each year. More details are listed in the FAQ link.

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