Cal Poly Pomona and the College of Education and Integrative Studies offer several scholarships. Students are awarded in every concentration based on merit or financial need. Most scholarships can be found on the Bronco Scholarship Application, with applications opening around January, and closing in March.

Scholarship Applications

Students must be admitted to Cal Poly Pomona and enrolled in the College of Education & Integrative Studies to receive a scholarship. Applications are available online, via the Bronco Scholarship Application

Under the Application tab, select “General Application.” This must be completed in order to apply for scholarships.  
For a list of scholarship opportunities available, click on the “Opportunity” tab and select “Recommended”
Once on an individual scholarship page, click “Apply,” listed on the bottom right corner.

Department Scholarships

To learn more about scholarships awarded by departments, talk to your department's campus office or the department's website.

University Scholarships

Cal Poly Pomona offers university-wide scholarships for incoming and continuing students as well as provide a database of other scholarship websites.

CEIS Scholarships

Partners in Education (PIE) Fellowship - Felzer Scholarship

The Partners in Education (PIE) Scholarship is for students pursuing their first teaching credential who will be engaged in directed teaching/clinical practice during the upcoming academic year. This scholarship is designed to support the living expenses of teacher candidates during Clinical Practice so that teacher candidates are able to concentrate on the experience and reduce or eliminate the need to work during Clinical Practice. 

Partners in Education (PIE) Fellowship - General Scholarship

Partner is Education (PIE)‘s mission is to support excellence in the preparation of future teachers at Cal Poly Pomona and, in collaboration with stakeholders, to develop and/or promote community-based programs that strengthen the education of the region’s students. The PIE Scholarship is for students pursuing their first teaching credential who will be engaged in directed teaching/clinical practice during the upcoming academic year. If your credential is in a STEM field, please see the PIE Fellowship - Felzer Scholarship. 

Teacher Recruitment Program - Summer Prerequisite Scholarship

This scholarship is designed for students who have already successfully completed at least one prerequisite course for a credential program and wish to complete all prerequisites in order to be fully qualified for Teacher Credential Program admission for the fall term. Scholarships may be awarded to cover summer fees for up to three prerequisite courses. This scholarship may not be used to pay for any other courses. All applicants must have already applied for admission to a Teacher Credential Program. The likelihood of admission to the Credential Program will be considered as part of the award process. Award preference will be given in the following order: (1) candidates seeking Single Subject math and/or science credential, (2) special education credential candidates, (3) candidates seeking a Multiple Subject credential, and (4) all other credential candidates. 

Teacher Recruitment Scholarship

This Teacher Recruitment Scholarship is for students seeking full admission to the credential program for fall quarter and have not yet completed all of the pre-requisites. Priority will be given to math, science, and special education credential candidates with only two remaining semesters. 


The Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant Program is available for selected post baccalaureate and master's programs and plans in education.

SEEDS Grant 

The Special Educators of Excellence in Diverse Settings (SEEDS) is a federally funded scholarship for students to earn both their credential and master’s degree in preliminary education specialist significant support needs (previously known as moderate/severe disabilities) credential or the Adapted Physical Education (APE) added authorization (and primary credential if needed). SEEDS provides FULL scholarships for tuition along with additional funding for students to attend professional conferences. All scholars will also receive an iPad and funding for textbooks!