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American Semester Program

Health Insurance

Health insurance is provided by AETNA Student Insurance through JCB Insurance Solutions. 

Students are required to purchase the pre-approved health insurance plan through Cal Poly Pomona for each semester that they attend ASP. Only students participating in specific government-funded programs are exempt from this requirement. For more information, please contact the ASP team.

Coverage Length 2021-2022

Coverage Period

Start Date

End Date


Fall 2021




Spring 2022




Refund requests deadline (if no claims): 9/29/2021 for Fall 2021; 2/15/2022 for Spring 2022.

Insurance Coverage Information

Below are some of the services covered by your insurance:

  • Routine physical exams
  • Preventive care immunizations (such as the Flu shot)
  • Preventive visits for women (gynecological exams)
  • Counseling services
  • Etc.

For a complete list of covered services, please visit the student health insurance highlights.

To find a doctor, please visit the find a provider. You will need your login information.

A "deductible" is the amount of money you pay before your insurance starts to pay for services.

Students are required to pay a $50 deductible per policy year.

The deductible is waived for all of the following eligible health services:

  • In-Network Care
    • Preventive care and wellness
    • Physician or Specialist office visit expense
    • Walk-in clinic visit expense
    • Consultant expense
    • Outpatient mental health expense
    • Outpatient substance abuse treatment
    • Adult vision care exam
    • Pediatric dental services
    • Aids vaccine expense
  • In-Network and Out-Of-Network
    • Pediatric vision care services and supplies
    • Outpatient prescription drugs

A "co-payment" is the amount of money you pay each time you go see a health care provider. It is the amount of money you pay after you have paid your deductible.

With AETNA, there are no co-payments required.

Medical ID cards are available 3 weeks after you enroll/purchase health insurance. Medical ID cards are not mailed! Please follow the instructions to get your e-card.

Medical ID Card Instructions

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