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Tuition and Fees

The program consists of 33 semester units.  Tuition will be $825 per Semester Unit.

MS in Business Analytics Degree Tuition

Tuition $825 per Semester Unit


The MSBA program is also subject to campus auxiliary fees, including the student union fee, ASI fees, health center fees, and the student success fee. Please refer to the mandatory auxiliary fee page for a current listing of these fees.

Refund information

Refund Timeline

If you have a credit on your account that you would like to have refunded to you, please email with your Bronco ID number to request the refund. If you prefer to receive your refund via direct deposit to your checking or savings account, please see the instructions at this link to sign up for direct deposit:

Spring 2021


Refund Amount

Before January 23 100% Refund
January 23 – 29 90% Refund
January 30 - February 5 80% Refund
February 6 - 12 70% Refund
February 13 - End of the Term No Refund Given


All students are now eligible to enroll in a Monthly Payment Plan to cover tuition and fees.  The plan will provide you with the option to start making smaller, monthly payments in advance of the semester. Enroll EARLY (even before registration) in order to lock in the longest payment term and smallest monthly payments!  To learn more, visit

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