Courses for Causes

We have been inspired and humbled by our first responders and healthcare professionals who have continuously fostered care during the catastrophic health crisis, and prioritized the health and well-being of our society at large.  In our support for their relentless work, we are offering a free class within the two certificate programs: Nonprofit Management and Human Resources Management Certificate programs:


The offer for a free class applies to first responders and healthcare professionals for the following programs.  Free class offer ends on December 1st, 2020.

Ed2GO Free Courses:

In partnership with Ed2Go, we are offering free self-paced tutorial courses through June 30th, 2020. 

How to Enroll in a Free Course:

Please email us at: with your request to enroll, and submit a copy of employment identification to verify your first responder status.  Your request will be reviewed and verified for an approval by a committee. 

For additional questions and inquiries:

We are happy to provide you with additional information about the programs or about enrollment, please email us with your inquiries at:
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