College of the Extended University

About Global Education Institute (GEI)

about gei

GEI Mission

GEI at Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) is a unit of dedicated and professionals in the field of international education. GEI supports university mission by

  • Offering high-quality university-based programs
  • Establishing international partnerships
  • Engaging CPP students, faculty, staff and administrators
  • Enhancing CPP’s global awareness and prestige
  • Facilitating academic and cultural interaction between the U.S. and other countries

Program Scopes

GEI provides high-quality university-based programs for

  • University students
  • University faculty and administrators
  • K-12 school principals and teachers
  • High school students
  • Government officials
  • Other working professionals

International Professional Training (IPT)

Student Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Leadership Program (SIELP)

Themed High School Program (THSP)

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