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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Who can attend this program?

This program enrolls undergraduate students in the junior and senior year who plan to pursue a MBA degree, as well as ones with bachelor’s degrees.

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2. What are the 1-year MBA Preparation Program admission requirements?

Applicants are required to provide all the following information to the 1-year MBA Preparation program applications:

  • TOEFL iBT 75/ the IELTS with a score of 6 or above/ satisfactory CET-6 score / iTEP 3.7 – 3.8 or equivalent English proficiency recommended;
  • 3.0 or above overall GPA, equivalent to 75 in the 100 mark system.

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3. What is the program model?

During the 1-year MBA Preparation Program, students will study along with the local students in College of Business Administration (CBA) and Cal Poly English Language Institute (CPELI). Students will take MBA prerequisite courses and English as Second Language (ESL) courses.

After the 1-year MBA Preparation program, students will complete the second year of MBA study as a separate cohort.  

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4. What are the language courses during the 1-year MBA Preparation Program, and how can those courses help program students to meet the language requirements of MBA program?

Program students will attend the English placement test held by Cal Poly English Language Institute after they arrive Cal Poly Pomona.  They will enter into different English levels’ classes according to the scores of the English placement test.

CPELI courses feature six levels from beginner to advanced. Each level classes include Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing skills to help students improve their English for future studies.

Students with iBT 75 students usually study courses in the level five.  TOEFL iBT / the IELTS will be waived if the students can successfully complete courses in the level six. If students do not complete the level six after one year, he/she can still apply MBA program with TOEFL iBT 80 or above, or continue the language studies in the CPELI.

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5. What are the major courses in the 1-year MBA Preparation Program?

The major courses for the 1-year MBA Preparation program include advanced business courses, advanced master's prerequisites courses, and some master's courses. Major courses include finance, international business, operation, and management related courses.

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6. Can students apply for the MBA program without TOEFL/IELTS or GMAT scores?

Yes.  Program students should meet the following requirements:

  • TOEFL/IELTS scores can be waived if he/she complete level 6 courses in the CPELI.
  • GMAT score will be waived if the average GPA during the 1-year MBA Preparation Program is B or above.

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7. Can the Ministry of Education of China certify the MBA degree diploma?

Yes. Cal Poly Pomona is an official university accredited by the Ministry of Education of China. The Ministry of Education of China qualifies this MBA degree issued by Cal Poly Pomona.

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8. How much is the cost of living?

The estimated cost of living in Great Los Angeles area is about $19,000 per year. Program students can live in University Village or student dormitory on campus, which in a convenient location at a reasonable price. They can stay the living community with local American students, fully involved the university environment.

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9. Can program students apply for the OPT/CPT?

Yes. Graduates from this program are eligible to apply for one year OPT (optional practical training) approved by USCIS.  The OPT is the legal working authorization for students working in America.  During the one-year MBA program, students are eligible to apply for CPT (curriculum practical training) for internships.

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10. What are the advantages for this program?

  1. Intensive Program ModelThe program students will study with local students in the first year, and complete the courses as a separate cohort in second year. Therefore,   they can graduate in 2 years, as well as experience college life with American students。
  2. Cost-effective Tuition: The tuition of the regular MBA program is approximately $20,000 per year. It takes two years to complete and the total cost is $40,000.  This 3+1+1 MBA program is $33,000, and students can complete the degree study in one year. It saves students’ time and money.
  3. Prime Location: Cal Poly Pomona is located at second largest city of America--Los Angeles, which is rich in natural, cultural, economic and educational resources. LA is the top choice to study in America because of the beautiful scenery and pleasant climate.
  4. Personalized ServicesEach cohort is equipped with a coordinator to facilitate students with excellent support and service. At the same time, a CBA professor will be the academic advisor to assist with students successfully enter and complete the MBA program.   

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