College of the Extended University

3 + 1 + Master's Program in Civil Engineering

Student in civil engineering

University Overview

Learning Experience

  • Learn-by-doing philosophy
  • Cutting-edge academic courses


  • Among U.S. best public universities
  • One of the seven polytechnic universities in U.S.

Prime Location

  • Beautiful Southern California
  • Surrounded by beaches, mountains and deserts
  • Within driving distance from downtown LA, Palm Springs, San Diego, Universal Studios, Disneyland

Program Features & Advantages

  • 3+1+ Master's program in Civil Engineering Model
    • 3-year undergraduate study at home university
    • 1-year master preparation at CPP
    • Master’s program in civil engineering at CPP or continue master program at other American universities
  • Quality Courses and Internship Opportunity
    • CPP faculty/experts as program instructors
    • Civil engineering ranked top 6 in the nation
    • Internship opportunities at local industry
  • Personalized Service
    • Dedicated team to provide each student with excellent support and service
    • Professional academic advisor and other academic support
  • Intensive Program that Saves Students’ Time
    • Intensive curriculum
    • Get upto 24 units in the first year, up to 9 units out of the 24 units can be transferred to master program
    • Accelerated completion of Master's degree in civil engineering at CPP
    • GRE can be waived if students continue the master program at CPP
  • Safe, Comfortable and Convenient Housing
    • On-campus University Village

Program Information

3 + 1 + Master Program in Civil Engineering
Year Location Course End of Year
1-3 Students' Home University Undergraduate courses
4 CPP 1 Year Master Preparation Complete Bachelor's degree program at home university
5 & above CPP Master's Program in Civil Engineering Complete Master's degree in Civil Engineering at CPP
5 & above Student's choice of U.S. Universities Master's courses Complete Master's degree program

Admission Requirements

  • 1-year Master Preparation at CPP
    • 2.75 overall GPA recommended (equivalent to 75 in the 100-point system)
    • TOEFL iBT 75, IELTS 6.0, ITEP 3.7~3.8, satisfactory CET-6 score or equivalent English proficiency recommended
  • Master's Program in Civil Engineering 
    • Complete 1-year master preparation at CPP with minimum 3.0 GPA
    • GRE waiver

Program Fee

Please contact us for details.