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Term Tuition

Fees are determined by the number and type of units in which you are enrolled. Students taking classes through Open University must either pay the full amount they owe online through BroncoDirect or enroll into a payment plan in order to be enrolled in their classes. 

Course Level


Undergraduate  (1000 – 4999 Level)

Maximum transferable units: 24


Graduate (5000 Level and Above)

Maximum transferable units: 9



Miscellaneous Items


Late Submission of Open University Petition

$25.00 (Non-Refundable)

Payment Plan Administrative Fee

$25.00 (Non-Refundable)

Late Payment on Open University Payment Plan

$25.00 (Per Late Payment. Non-Refundable)

Lab and Miscellaneous Course Fees

Posted to student’s account after tuition is paid. The amount due varies based on the class. Students are responsible for checking their account and paying off their balance.

 All zero unit courses are considered 4 units for fee purposes with the exception of graduate courses which are considered 1 unit.

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