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Assistant Brewer Training Program

As the craft beer industry continues to rapidly expand, the Assistant Brewer plays a vital role in most breweries. An Assistant Brewer is often considered an apprentice, or right-hand, to the Head Brewer and is responsible for a large part of the brewery’s production operations. Industry growth and a competitive job market have increased the need for experienced and knowledgeable Assistant Brewers across the United States. The certificate program is designed to train and prepare individuals who are seeking to pursue a career in the brewing industry, and with the right combination of education and hands-on experience and skills, participants from this training will stand out among other candidates in a competitive job market.

The Assistant Brewer Training Program allows participants to first learn about the basics of brewery operations, and then train as an intern at the University's brewery, Innovation Brew Works. Participants will use the University's signature "Learn‐by‐Doing" approach- tailored here into “Learn-by-Brewing” to gain the hands-on skills and experience needed to become a successful Assistant Brewer in the industry. Learned skillsets are based on actual commercial brewery SOPs, and participants will receive a unique and one-of-a-kind opportunity to be involved in the production and handling of the finished beer served to the public at IBW.

Participants performance is evaluated by supervising industry professionals to monitor progress of the participants through their trial/error and successes. Upon successful completion of program, participants will receive an Assistant Brewer Certificate issued by Cal Poly Pomona’s College of the Extended University, acknowledging the accomplishment and accumulated knowledge gained to succeed in the brewing industry.

  • Adults age 21+ who want to learn about the production of craft beer
  • Individuals who are interested in learning about commercial brewing operations
  • Individuals with home‐brewing experience who want to refine their skills
  • Individuals seeking employment in a production brewing facility
  • Individuals seeking an immersive and practical experience in brewing and
    to expand upon personal/professional knowledge in the craft beer industry.

Online Component of the Assistant Brewer Training Program (BRW200):

  • Introduction to the craft beer industry and its components
  • Brewing ingredients and their effects on flavors
  • Safety and chemical use in the brewery
  • Overview of the brewing process from grain to glass
  • Brewery equipment and parts
  • Instruction and video resources of common brewery procedures
  • Provide a solid foundation for a successful internship in the Assistant Brewer Internship Program.

Internship Component of the Assistant Brewer Training Program (BRW200):

  • Introduces participants to the brewing environment through hands‐on participation
  • Brewery safety, chemical handling, cleaning, and maintenance
  • Keg cleaning and operation of commercial keg washer
  • Packaging beer into kegs and bottles
  • Milling grain and preparation of brewing ingredients
  • Assisting brewers with wort production
  • Fermentation and quality control procedures
  • Cleaning and sanitization of fermentation and brite tanks
  • Transferring and handling of finished beer
  • Draft line cleaning and maintenance

  • Participants receive the Assistant Brewer certificate signifying the completion of an 80-hour internship and successful passing of course quizzes and exams.

The Certified Assistant Brewer program has benefited from the expertise of numerous instructors, brew
masters, and brewery owners, including the following:

Eric Bassett is the Brewery Manager at Innovation Brew Works (IBW), also an instructor for the College of the Extended University at Cal Poly Pomona.  He earned his Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management from the California State Polytechnic University in Pomona. His culinary arts experience enhances his creative skills in producing beers that include a variety of agricultural crops grown on campus at Cal Poly Pomona.  Through Eric’s dedication, expertise and efforts, IBW received medals at the San Diego International Beer Competition and the Los Angeles Beer Competition in 2018.

Kat Gresco joined the team of instructors at Innovation Brew Works (IBW) in 2019, bringing a decade of university-level academic experience in hands-on instruction of clinical sciences. After 17 years in veterinary medicine and clinical academia, Kat took her passion for beer and science and decided to pursue a new career path within the craft beer industry, gaining experience in a wide variety of brewery operations from service and management, to brewing, cellar, and production operations.  She is the lead brewer and helped develop multiple recipes for IBW and a recipe for a local bar in Pomona.   As a multi award-winning homebrewer, she formerly taught IBW’s Homebrew Hobbyist course at CEU, and maintains an active role in several homebrewing and professional organizations. Kat’s diverse background and commitment to lifelong learning makes her an excellent addition to the staff and educational programs here at IBW.

Course Offerings:

Spring 2022

BRW 200: Assistant Brewer Internship Program (Section 1)
Register  Course Code Session Dates Fees Instructor
BRW 200 (SP22-1)

Online Monday 02/28/2022- Friday 03/11/2022 – 10 days

In person 03/14/2022-04/28/2022 (end date 4/27/2022) - 7 weeks

Monday/Wednesdays 3:30pm-9:30pm

$2400 Eric Bassett


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