Assistant Brewer Training Program

As the craft beer industry continues to rapidly expand, the Assistant Brewer plays a vital role in most breweries. An Assistant Brewer is often considered an apprentice, or right-hand, to the Head Brewer and is responsible for a large part of the brewery’s production operations. Industry growth and a competitive job market have increased the need for experienced and knowledgeable Assistant Brewers across the United States. The certificate program is designed to train and prepare individuals who are seeking to pursue a career in the brewing industry, and with the right combination of education and hands-on experience and skills, participants from this training will stand out among other candidates in a competitive job market.

The Assistant Brewer Training Program allows participants to first learn about the basics of brewery operations, and then train as an intern at the University's brewery, Innovation Brew Works. Participants will use the University's signature "Learn‐by‐Doing" approach- tailored here into “Learn-by-Brewing” to gain the hands-on skills and experience needed to become a successful Assistant Brewer in the industry. Learned skillsets are based on actual commercial brewery SOPs, and participants will receive a unique and one-of-a-kind opportunity to be involved in the production and handling of the finished beer served to the public at IBW.

Participants performance is evaluated by supervising industry professionals to monitor progress of the participants through their trial/error and successes. Upon successful completion of program, participants will receive an Assistant Brewer Certificate issued by Cal Poly Pomona’s College of the Extended University, acknowledging the accomplishment and accumulated knowledge gained to succeed in the brewing industry.