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Teaching Performance Assessment Seminar


Cal Poly Pomona is offering two online seminars to help you complete your Teaching Performance Assessment. 

California Teaching Performance Assessment Seminar I - Task Requirements

This online course provides support for teacher candidates who are completing CalTPA Task 1 “Subject-Specific Pedagogy”, Task 2 “Designing Instruction”, Task 3 “Assessing Learning” or Task 4 “Culminating Teaching Experience.” Your instructor will prepare you for success by helping you to understand the selected CalTPA task requirements, scoring process, and rubrics. The instructor will also provide benchmarks/exemplars, support and tips for success.

California Teaching Performance Assessment Seminar II - Task Resubmission

This online course provides support for teacher candidates who are resubmitting a CalTPA Task or Cycle.  Your instructor will provide exemplars, support, and tips for success; help you understand the scoring process and rubrics; and apply assessor feedback to develop a personalized CalTPA preparation and resubmission plan.

Students who would like expert coaching while preparing their California Teaching Performance Assessment (CalTPA) submission.
TPA Seminar I is for teacher candidates completing CalTPA Task 1, 2, 3 or 4
TPA Seminar II is for teacher candidates resubmitting CalTPA Tasks 1, 2, 3 or 4, or CalTPA Cycles 1 or 2.

TPA SEMINAR I  - Task Requirements

  1. Develop a preparation and submission plan for passing the selected TPA task
  2. Understand the relevant task
  3. Review the rubric scoring language and relevant benchmarks
  4. Practice developing clear written responses

TPA SEMINAR II - Task Resubmission

  1. Explore content, strategies and resources to enhance CalTPA submissions.
  2. Review the CalTPA benchmarks/exemplars and rubrics and assessor feedback to understand CalTPA evidence and response requirements
  3. Complete a self-assessment identifying areas of strength and weakness in their TPA submission(s)
  4. Develop an individual preparation and resubmission plan.
  5. Complete and submit the assignments and activities specified in their individualized preparation and submission plan to receive a formal letter/certificate of completion

For both Seminars you will work independently with the instructor.  S/he will provide online coaching and support for preparing and submitting your California Teacher Performance Assessment. In addition, you will be able to share strategies with other students who are preparing their tasks for submittal. 

Teaching Performance Assessment Seminar I

Task Requirements

Teaching Performance Assessment Seminar II

Task Resubmission
  1. Online CalTPA Task support Professional Learning Community (PLC)
  2. Individualized CalTPA Task Preparation and Submission Plan
  3. Selected CalTPA Task Template, Rubric and Benchmark/Exemplar Analyses
  4. Targeted Receive CalTPA Task TPE -Focused Support
  5. CalTPA Written Response and Evidence Tips
  1. CalTPA Individual Preparation and Resubmission Plan
  2. CalTPA Instructor Appointment
  3. CalTPA Performance Self-Assessment
  4. CalTPA Rubric and Benchmark/Exemplar Review and Analyses
  5. Targeted CalTPA Focused Supports
  6. Completion of CalTPA Individualized Preparation Plan

Dr. Snyder is an experienced classroom science and math teacher from upstate New York and has worked with all ages of students and their teachers. He came to California to direct the Caltech Precollege Science Initiative, and has trained and advised teacher candidates at Cal Poly Pomona and Claremont Graduate University. He has worked extensively with the CalTPAs as an assessor, instructor and remediation specialist. His areas of focus include effective teaching/learning pedagogy, inquiry and literacy, and brain-targeted teaching.
Course Offerings:

Classes are scheduled on an as-needed basis. Contact the College of Education and Integrative Studies for more information.

Spring 2022

TPA 101: Introduction California Teaching Performance Assessment Seminar I
Register Course Code Session Dates Fees Instructor
TPA101 (SP22-1)

Jan 6, 2022 | 12:00 AM PST

$100 Jeanie McHatton


TPA 101: Introduction California Teaching Performance Assessment Seminar II
Register Course Code  Session Dates Fees Instructor
TPA 102 (SP22-1)

Jan 6, 2022 | 12:00 PM PST

$100 Jeanie McHatton


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