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ServSafe Test Preparation

The ServSafe Program is developed by the National Restaurant Association with the help of food service industry professionals who face the same risks you do every day. Our years of experience and inside knowledge of the foodservice industry are at the core of our courses, exams, and materials. This course will prepare you for the exam and provide an opportunity for you to take the course and the exam on the same day.

Students attending Cal Poly Pomona and specifically the Collins College of Hospitality Management who are required to have a Servsafe Manager Certificate.

Anyone who is required under the terms of their employment to have a Servsafe Manager Certificate.

  1. Identify and practice sanitation and safety skills.
  2. Explain the dangers of food borne illnesses and how they occur.
  3. Identify the characteristics of potentially hazardous foods.
  4. Identify the microbial risks associated with various types of food.
  5. Determine when to accept or reject different types of foods during receiving.
  6. Use time and temperature controls in each step of the flow of food.
  7. Discuss the principles of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system.
  8. Describe the elements of a sanitary facility.
  9. Explain the difference between cleaning and sanitizing.
  10. Develop an integrated pest management program.
  11. Identify the principles and procedures needed to comply with food-safety regulations.
  12. Assess training needs of employees.


ServSafe Online Exam

Online exams must be taken in a proctored environment. You will need to purchase your exam voucher in class (Electronic Voucher SSONLINEX $36.00) .

Materials required for the exam:

  • ServSafe Manager Certification Online Exam Voucher
  • One photo ID with signature – driver’s license, state ID, student ID, military ID, employee ID, green card, or valid password.  You cannot use a photocopy. You cannot take the examination without a valid photo ID.
  • A laptop with Internet Access


  • The ServSafe Manager Certification Exam will be offered on the same day as the class; you have up to two hours to complete the exam.
  • You can only take the exam once on the day of the exam.
  • The ServSafe exam will consist of 90 multiple-choice questions. You need to pass the exam with at least a 75% score in order to receive credit for the class and receive the ServSafe Manager certification from the National Restaurant Association.
  • The online exam is currently available in English, Spanish, and Chinese. Bilingual dictionaries are permitted only if English is not your native language.  No pieces of paper or writing should be in the dictionary.  The proctor (the teacher) will check the book to make sure that no writing is present.Electronic dictionaries are not allowed and English-language dictionaries are not allowed.
  • On the day of the final exam, you will be completing an online registration form for the National Restaurant Association. The name you input will be the name that will be on your ServSafe certificate upon passing the final exam. If you misspell your name on the online registration form, it cannot be changed once you submit this form on the computer.
  • No food or drinks allowed in the classroom
  • No electronic devices can be used during the final exam (ex. IPODs, cell phones, etc.)
  • If you have previously logged onto the National Restaurant Association website and created a user identification and password, you will need to remember these two items on the day of the exam.If you have never logged onto their website, you will create a user identification and password on the day of the exam.

Test Results:

  • Exams are corrected and scored by the National Restaurant Association in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Exam results will be available immediately upon completing the exam.
  • You may log in to NRAEF Exams and Class Reports at nraef.org/classes to access your score. Your instructor will provide the class number so that you can access your score online.
  • You are able to print out the certificate the day of the exam. Go to Servsafe.com and follow the instructions.
  • If you do not receive a score of at least 75% on your ServSafe exam, you will not receive credit for the class.  You will need to retake the exam.

This half-day test preparation course for ServSafe Manager Certification will  help students prepare to take the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification Exam.

It covers critical principles including: personal hygiene, cross contamination, time and temperature, receiving and storage, food safety management systems, training hourly employees, and more.

Dawn Taccone is a Certified Servsafe Instructor and Proctor who helps student prepare and take the Servsafe Management exam.

Dawn has taught at Chaffey College, Collins College School of Hospitality Management Cal Poly Pomona and currently for Extended University at Cal Poly Pomona. After spending over 25 years managing varies catering companies, Dawn now is the Farm Store Manager at Cal Poly Pomona.

Dawn enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren. She trains and participates in varies running and sprint triathlon events.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Dawn Taccone at dmtaccone@cpp.edu or 909-869-4906.

Course Offerings:
CFH 101: ServSafe Test Preparation Course + Exam
Closed  Course Code Session Dates Fees Instructor
CFH101_(SP20-2) $175 Dawn Taccone


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