College of the Extended University

Government and Business Leadership

Programs for Local Government 

These programs are especially designed for local government. We offer quality training in the areas of Leadership and Supervisory skills. 

Leadership Academy 

This program facilitates the training of future city leaders through cost-effective instruction from experts in the field of city management. Preparing the next generation of leaders to successfully transition into senior executive positions, this program focuses on leadership skills and managerial effectiveness through the development of effective communication, strategic thinking and innovative ways to negotiate and foster collaboration within local government. Learn more about the Leadership Academy… 

Supervisory Training 

Poor supervision practices can have major financial implications. The result is reflected in low employee productivity, client and employee dissatisfaction, and high turnover. A proven supervisory training program can provide critical techniques necessary for your supervisors to gain confidence and competence in their role. 

Join with local cities in implementing our supervisory program and take the next step in ensuring that your supervisors are well prepared for the challenges ahead. We are committed to your success and are devoted to working continuously with local cities to ensure the quality of our program. Learn more about Supervisory Training…