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Leadership Academy for Government Sector

This program facilitates the training of future city leaders through cost-effective instruction from experts in the field of city management. Preparing the next generation of leaders to successfully transition into senior executive positions, this program focuses on leadership skills and managerial effectiveness through the development of effective communication, strategic thinking and innovative ways to negotiate and foster collaboration within local government.

  • Promote creativity and innovation
  • Learn to communicate effectively
  • Create and lead teams/others
  • Promote integrity and respect
  • Practice strategic thinking and decision making
  • Exercise financial responsibility
  • Foster relationships
  • Develop a vision
  • Support flexibility to organizational change
  • Assess situations quickly and accurately
  • Business acumen/business-specific knowledge

You will receive the Local Government Leadership Academy Certificate upon completion of a total of 24 hours of instructor-led courses. 

*Customized & On-Site with min enrollment number

  • Network with existing senior level employees 
  • Taught by senior level leaders in government positions 
  • Meet and collaborate with counterparts 
  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of communication and management 
  • Learn strategic thinking strategies and decision making 
  • Improve negotiation skills 
  • Rejuvenate innovative motivation for process improvement and human resource management

Government employees in all levels of leadership roles looking to enhance their leadership skills and abilities.


Online Zoom Sessions for Spring 2021

  • Leadership with a New Perspective: March 16 (8:30am to 2pm) & March 17 (9am to 1pm)
  • Innovation & Ethics in Public Service: April 20 & April 22 (8:30am to 12noon)
  • The Impact of Budget & Finance: May 18 & May 19, (8:30 am to 12noon)
  • Strategic Thinking and Decision Making: June 22 & June 23, (8:30 am to 12noon)
  • Balancing Power & Influence: July 20 & July 21 (8:30 am to 12noon)
  • Strategic Communication: August 17 & August 18 (8:30 am to 12noon)



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