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Applied Mathematics & Robotics

The Applied Mathematics & Robotics program takes a unique approach to teaching engineering, computer programming and mathematics in an engaging way. Capitalizing on the strengths and reputation of the Cal Poly Pomona’s College of Engineering, this program consists of a strong mathematical base featuring real-world engineering examples and problems.

This two-part course includes a half-day of math class, consisting of lectures, interactive group activities and an array of math games designed to help students learn and reinforce math concepts they’ll need to succeed in school and future careers.

The second half of the class focuses on robotics. In this segment students will work in groups to design and build their own robot and will bring it to life using code writing and powerful programming software. At the end of the week, students participate in a fun-filled sumo robot wrestling competition to determine the best-designed, most responsive robot in the group.

The hands-on engineering project in the Applied Mathematics & Robotics program reinforces math concepts in such a way that students can truly see math in action!

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