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The College of the Extended University at Cal Poly Pomona is proud to offer a series of one-week residential summer camps specifically designed to meet the academic needs of migrant students. Working directly with input from Migrant Education Regional Directors and school district administrators, curriculum is developed by Cal Poly Pomona faculty to ensure that each summer academy complements the standards-based learning that students participate in throughout the school year.

Currently, the Migrant Education Summer Programs focus on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) disciplines. Age/grade appropriate curriculum and activities are available for students in grades 6-8 (middle school) and 9-12 (high school).

The following courses are being offered in Summer 2021:

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The Migrant Education Program is designed to:

  • Advocate for migrant students to participate in higher-level mathematics courses in high school.
  • Implement a comprehensive, timely assessment program to monitor the progress of targeted students.
  • Use alternative assessments to measure the mathematics skill development of English learners.
  • Use students’ home language to build understanding of mathematics concepts.
  • Use culturally relevant materials to build understanding of mathematics concepts.
  • Use hands-on, developmentally appropriate learning activities.
  • Use curriculum for summer academies that addresses students’ specific learning needs.
  • Provide immediate feedback for students as they are learning.
  • Provide accelerated learning activities not remediation activities.
  • Provide individual and small group tutoring.
  • Encourage parent engagement via Family Day activities on the Cal Poly Pomona Campus.

Each of our current programs consists of a half-day of math instruction combined with project-based instruction in engineering, computer science, and animation or robotics.

Hands-on mathematics instruction includes:

  • Pre- and Post-Assessments to measure learning outcomes
  • Use of primary language to support instruction
  • Focus on California’s grade-level content standards
  • Algebra readiness for middle school students
  • Geometry and advanced algebra for high school students
  • Interactive math activities and review of math vocabulary

Each program also includes extended learning opportunities, which may include participation in the Disney Youth Education Series, a field trip to the California Science Center or a visit to a local engineering company such as the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

Participants in our camps not only gain new academic skills and knowledge, they meet new friends and enjoy recreational and social activities such as swimming, basketball, soccer, movie night, a visit to our BioTrek Rain Forest Learning Center and more!

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Be sure to check out the Student Life section for information on recreational and social activities, housing, dining, and other program details.

Customized proposals for the Migrant Education Summer Programs are available by completing our Program Request Form

For additional information, please email Lisa Lucio, Program Associate - Emeritus, at lmlucio@cpp.edu. 

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