College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Learning Goals and Outcomes

CLASS students gain the skills, knowledge, and discipline-related training that will serve as the foundation for their lives and careers in their majors and in the GE courses that our college provides. Based on surveys of alumni, employers, and others interested in how our programs help our students succeed, everyone should encounter, practice, and develop mastery of these essentials:

  • The ability to identify and frame problems of particular as well as general concern
  • The ability to find useful and appropriate information that will support the search for answers
  • The ability to mold information into a report that addresses topics of interest or problems of concern
  • The ability to present what one has discovered in both oral and written formats

These four essentials will help graduates from CLASS build their futures and play leading roles in their companies and communities. They are the things that define a university-educated individual and that make a university education valuable.

For more information about the focus of our programs, visit the department web pages and investigate how our faculty members have defined the meaning, quality, and integrity of the classes, programs, and degrees that they have designed.

Concerning our General Education program, visit the gateway site that the Office of Academic Programs has created for students: