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Inclusive Excellence Commitment

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Video Transcript: CLASS Equity and Inclusion Manifesto (PDF)

Our college stands for inclusivity and supports those who protest the prevalence of racial injustice throughout our country. CLASS launched a new college level committee – an Inclusive Excellence Committee. The committee recognized that the work ahead of us needed a formal document, a manifesto, to guide our work.

For the 2020-21 academic year, the CLASS Inclusive Excellence Committee is immersed in the work of achieving goals stated in the CLASS Equity and Inclusion Manifesto. To that end, members of the committee have chosen to align with one of the following areas of focus:

  • surveying the students on their experiences regarding equity
  • providing resources to promote inclusive pedagogy, and  
  • highlighting equity and inclusivity in faculty evaluations.  

Committee members hold themselves accountable to their commitments. In support of expanding our knowledge and understanding, we explored “From Equity Talk to Equity Walk”  last spring 2020, and Dolly Chugh’s “The Person You Mean to Be” this fall 2021.  We continue to actively engage in dialogue and reflection, and we continue to learn.

Inclusive Excellence Teaching Resources 

2020-2021 Committee Co-Chairs:

Dr. Aaron DeRosa, English and Modern Languages
Dr. Claudia García-Des Lauriers, Geography and Anthropology

Current and Past Committee Members:

Dr. Corwin Aragon, Philosophy
Dr. Melissa Barragan, Sociology
Dr. Bruce Brown, Economics
Dr. Brady Collins, Political Science
Dr. Aaron DeRosa, English and Modern Languages
Dr. Claudia García-Des Lauriers, Geography and Anthropology
Dr. Katie Gasdaglis, Philosophy
Dr. Pavitra Kavya, Communication
Dr. Katie Kinkopf, Geography and Anthropology
Dr. Daniel Lewis, History
Dr. Kate Ozment, English and Modern Languages
Dr. Alex Morales, Psychology
Dr. Gabriele Plickert, Sociology
Prof. Jesse Portillo, Theatre and New Dance
Dr. Jason Turcotte, Communication
Dr. Dale Turner, Philosophy
Dr. Faye Wachs, Sociology
Dr. Evan Ware, Music
Dr. Sara Garver, Associate Dean
Dr. David Horner, Associate Dean
Dr. Iris S. Levine, Dean


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