College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Undergraduate Students

The department serves the university by providing courses that contribute to the general education of all students and by developing vocational proficiencies to meet the needs of the undergraduate economics majors. A curriculum leading to the Master of Science degree in economics is also offered in the department. The Master of Science degree has three options in Economic Analysis, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, and Financial Economics. Requirements for this degree may be found in the graduate listings.

The curriculum in economics, while offering a broad background of general education and traditional undergraduate courses, lends itself to considerable flexibility. Students consult with a faculty advisor to select courses suitable for a program relevant to personal goals. Areas of concentration include: international, financial, environmental, labor, and quantitative economics.

The undergraduate major in economics has three objectives: first, to prepare economic analysts for positions in business, industry, agriculture, and government; second, to prepare students for research or management trainee positions in fields such as public administration, labor unions, industry, finance, and insurance; third, to furnish undergraduate preparation for students who may wish to pursue graduate work in the field of economics.

The department also offers a minor in economics that serves other departments of the university by providing their students with a well defined and generally recognized set of courses. For many students, the minor will enhance their employability upon graduation. It will also provide a structure for those seeking basic understanding of economic theory and its application. For others it will facilitate their graduate work.