Promoting the Department

It is important that we promote the projects and events that make EFL a dynamic department, and an intellectual home to its members. We invite you to use the submission form below to send us items for possible publication on the EFL web page.

News Submissions

Because of the broad disciplines we house, there is no comprehensive list, but the types of information that we want to hear about include:

  • Student professional success (conference presentations, significant and compelling projects, community outreach, club programming)
  • Faculty productivity (awards, invited lectures, publications, etc.)
  • Departmental events (speakers, workshops, forums)
  • Alumni profiles and success stories
  • Innovative class activities (field trips, activities, and the like)

News items should cover the basics of who, what, when, where and how, and should be written in the form of an editable story of 100-250 words or thereabouts. Please include a suggested title, and byline with date. Please include an image that is of high quality (i.e. no poorly lit or poorly framed images, no blurred faces or poor resolution). You may include URLs to direct readers to more information as necessary.

Events Submissions

As you submit your event keep in mind that the departmental webpage is not meant to serve as a complete calendar, but rather as a way to show off special initiatives and activities within the department. Types of events likely to be published include:

  • Author talks or readings, or invited lectures
  • Major student-planned or club events (though not regular club meetings)
  • Student research confernces, career or grad school prep events, and so forth
  • Literary prize or literary magazine submission deadlines
  • Special talks, workshops or scholarly happenings offered by faculty

Please include all the following information: title, start date and time (if it is an all-day event, please indicate that), end time, location, phrase or paragraph describing the event. You may also include a photograph (high quality, please), or alternatively a poster/flyer.

Thank you for the work you do in the department, and your help in getting the word out there.