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Established in 2018 at Cal Poly Pomona, the California Center for Ethics and Policy (CCEP) investigates pressing national and global challenges—such as climate policy, healthcare, artificial intelligence, immigration, and racism—through a Californian lens. Our podcast brings together students, artists, philosophers, social scientists, and advocates to debate, tell stories, and share ideas.

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Season 3 of our podcast, Movements in California, will explore how migration and mobility are embedded in many of our public discourses, practices, and politics.

CCEP Podcast
Episode 1 - Recalcitrant Pride

CPP Poli Sci student Andrew Zableckis on trans political refugees who flee their states for refuge in another — often California.

CCEP Podcast
Episode 2 - Uncle Frankie

CPP Philosophy student interviews her godfather about the impact of immigration policy and his journey from Nicaragua to the US.

CCEP Podcast
Episode 3 - Untold Stories

CPP Urban & Regional Planning student Jaden Oloresisimo speaks with residents and visitors in San Diego's Barrio Logan & Chicano Park to discuss displacement and growth.

CCEP Podcast
Episode 4 - Access LA

CPP History student Gabriel Esparza shares with us the experiences of disabled students at Cal Poly Pomona as they navigate transportation infrastructure.

Season 2 of our podcast, Uncertain Forecast, addresses climate justice, an issue that affects people worldwide, particularly where inequality is greatest, but which is often disguised or invisible.

Episode 1 - What is Plastic?

CPP bio student Alec Iskenderian takes a close look at what people think of plastics.

Episode 2 - How the Unhoused Experience Climate Change

CPP philosophy student Emily Reyes looks specifically at the impact of climate change on houseless people in Pomona, the surrounding community outside of the Cal Poly Pomona campus.

Episode 3 - Three Stories of Extreme Heat

CPP political science student Melane Olmeda takes a close look at how the most invisible yet deadliest climate change-related issue, that of extreme heat, affects the lives of ordinary people.

Episode 4 - California Wildfires & Climate Justice

Panel discussion hosted by CCEP on the topic of wildfires, an important topic for California.

Episode 5 - Looking for Nature in the San Gabriel River

CCEP student fellow Rebecca Prentice records a walking journey along the San Gabriel Valley, capturing the sound of the environment around her and reflecting on the meaning of nature as it relates to cities and the built environment.

Episode 6 - The Gold of California

CCEP student fellow Victoria Tran examines what it means to be Asian American in the Golden State.

Episode 7 - How the Unhoused Experience Climate Extremes

CCEP student fellows Ana Ruiz and Cristian Arduz examine the connection between housing insecurity and climate change.

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Season 1 of our podcast, Securing Justice, focuses on housing insecurity, an issue that affects millions in the United States and is particularly acute here in California. This season explores housing insecurity through a variety of means--panel discussions, interviews, and creative works by faculty and students. From artists and activists to philosophers and policy wonks, we hope to provide listeners with a varied and nuanced look at how housing insecurity affects the lives of Californians, and what we--and you--can do about it.

CCEP Podcast
Episode 1 - Housing Justice: From Trump to Biden

CCEP brings together four panelists to discuss the role and impact of the federal government on housing insecurity under the Trump and Biden administrations.

CCEP Podcast
Episode 2 - Representations of Place, Home, and Security

A panel discussion hosted by CCEP, in which we invited three creatives--a filmmaker, a visual artist, and a theater maker, examine the themes of representations of place, home, and security.

CCEP Podcast
Episode 3 - Moving Forward in Affordable Housing: The Role of Architects

CCEP’s 2020-21 student fellows, Itzia Salinas Cortes interviews Jim Broeske, an architect with 40 years of experience working in Southern California, to better understand the role that architects can play in addressing housing affordability.

CCEP Podcast
Episode 4 - The Eviction Crisis on the Horizon: Rent Relief and Pandemic Recovery in California

A panel discussion with three individuals leading the fight for rent relief in California, and particularly in Los Angeles.

CCEP Podcast
Episode 5 - #CancelRent: Digital Organizing and Collective Struggle in a Global Pandemic

A story about collective struggle during the pandemic by tuning into the ways the Healthy LA coalition navigates the bureaucratic dissonance of a call-in public comment system.

CCEP Podcast
Episode 6 - Racial Gaps in Homeownership, Income, and Savings (And Why They Matter)

A panel discussion bringing together three experts on the history of housing and wealth inequality in the US, and Los Angeles.

CCEP Podcast
Episode 7 - Reflections on Housing and Home

CCEP’s 2020-21 student fellows, Octavio Cuevas and Victoria Torres on housing insecurity in California.

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