Semester Curriculum & Course Offerings

Curriculum Sheets and Road Maps

 Curriculum Sheets and 4-year Road Maps.

Use the following guide to plan using the semester courses to complete quarter curriculum

Q to S comparison for all three options in GEO major and two options in ANT major

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Planned Course Offerings:

Anthropology projected course offerings

Geography projected course offerings


For Quarter to Semester course compare, check the conversion guide:

PLEASE NOTE: Many courses are taught only once each year while others are only taught every other year.


Student Learning Outcomes

 Student Learning Outcomes



Detailed course to course conversion guide:

Course substitution guide (for quarter courses that do not exist in semesters)

Draft Semester Curricula
Academic Year 2018 - 2019 (Official Version will be available soon on the university website)

Anthropology- Archaeology Option
Anthropology-General Anthropology Option
Anthropology-Applied Anthropology Option

Geography-Environmental Studies Option
Geography- Geospatial Analysis Option
Geography- Geographic Studies Option