The All-Steinway School Initiative

In April 2015, Cal Poly Pomona became an All-Steinway School, by acquiring 29 new Steinway pianos.

Steinway & Sons is dedicated to the ideal of making the finest pianos in the world, pianos with such superior sound and responsive touch that they enchant the most demanding pianists.

Cal Poly Pomona is renowned for its tradition of excellence in hands-on education. Music is a vital part of our curriculum for students wanting to pursue careers in the arts and the music industry as well as those majoring in other disciplines, such as science, engineering and business.

By being an All-Steinway School, Cal Poly Pomona takes its place in an elite category to which fewer than 170 conservatories, universities and schools of music worldwide belong. Being an All-Steinway School means that students are taught exclusively on Steinways, the gold standard for pianos.


As an All-Steinway School having 29 Steinway pianos, Cal Poly Pomona enhances its ability to:

Foster Talent

We will provide our students the finest equipment for the study of music, providing them a premiere education that will have a direct and lasting impact on their lives and career.

Build a Legacy of Excellence

We will cement our role as an incubator for producing music industry talent: industry executives, classical pianists, music educators, recording engineers and other professionals.

Attract Elite Musicians and Educators

We will attract and retain elite and motivated musicians/educators to serve as faculty and will draw leading artists to perform at Cal Poly Pomona. Steinway pianos are the choice of 98% of today's concert artists.

Inspire Future Generations

We will recruit talented students in pursuit of a high quality education in music. We will attract students pursuing other academic disciplines who want to participate in our music program.

Enrich the Cultural Environment of Our Region

We will inspire future generations of students and strengthen community participation with our music programs, encouraging long-term relationships with industry professionals and our local community.

Ways to Support

Acquiring the pianos was our first step in our Pursuit of Excellence in Music. Learn how you can support us.