The Undergraduate Journal of Ethics, Policy, and Social Justice

The Undergraduate Journal of Ethics, Policy, and Social Justice seeks to provide a space for original undergraduate work that exhibits critical thinking through a social justice lens.

New editions are released annually in May. 

We are currently accepting applications for student associate editors.

Application flyer and link:



A call for papers will be disseminated in October of 2021. Submissions will be accepted until February of 2022. Authors can expect to follow the following guidelines:
  • 1,500-5,000 words.
  • Times New Roman in 12pt font.
  • Papers can be submitted in any format. However, once accepted, authors are instructed to format their paper into Chicago format and receive a document for further formatting instructions.
  • Papers are to be submitted without the author’s name for the purposes of blind review.

Student associate editors take a lecture (3 units) and lab (1 unit) during the Spring semester, facilitated by Dr. Cory Aragon. Here, students learn how to critically evaluate papers and give constructive feedback for submissions. Editors then agree on which research papers will be accepted for publishing in the journal. Towards the end of the semester, students may also add their work as an editor to their resume and practice discussing it in preparation for applying to jobs.

Application link for Spring 2022:

Once papers have been accepted, students contributing art to the journal will be able to read the accepted papers and create art based on their perception of what they have read. If interested, please contact Mia Miller at

Executive Editor

Mia A. Miller

Managing Editor

Dr. Cory Aragon