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Pre-Law Advising

The American Bar Association says that "a broad-based education that is rigorous and that stresses analytical and verbal communication skills" is most conducive to success in law school and in the legal profession.

CLASS courses and programs are ideally suited to develop these skills and abilities. The following core skills and areas of knowledge for pre-law students are stressed by CLASS:

  • Expression in written and spoken language
  • Ability to analyze and clarify complex concepts and problems
  • Knowledge of the economic and political organization of society
  • Understanding cultures and languages


Pre-Law courses offered within the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences include:

ANT 354
Laws, Values, and Culture
COM 260
Communication Law
ENG 301
Writing for the Professions
GEO 413
Environmental Law
HST 415
American Intellectual History
HST 406
Women in the United States
PHL 218
Symbolic Logic I
PHL 310
Social and Political Philosophy
PHL 311
Philosophical Issues in the Law
PHL 440
Seminar in Law and Values
PHL 482
Ethics Bowl
PHL 475
Global Justice
PLS 401
Constitutional Law: Governmental Powers
PLS 405
PLS 407
Constitutional Law: Rights and Liberties
PLS 456
International Law
SOC 302
SOC 360
Juvenile Delinquency
SW 318
Contemporary Treatment of Law Violators
PLS 207
Introduction to Public Law
PLS 304
The Criminal Justice System
PLS 327
The American Judiciary
PLS 308/308A
Mock Trial
PLS 409
Contemporary Issues in American Law


The College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences offers several organized programs of study particularly relevant to the Pre-Law student.

The programs are:

  • Option in Criminology (Sociology B.A.)
  • Criminal Justice and Corrections Minor (Psychology B.A.)
  • Law and Society Emphasis (Philosophy B.A.)

For details regarding the Criminology and Criminal Justice and Corrections programs, see the Psychology and Sociology Department, Bldg. 5, Room 110. For information on the Law and Society program, see the Philosophy Department, Bldg. 1, Room 321.

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