2017-2018 Production Season

 I Love You, You''re Perfect, Now Change

• Polycentric: Relationships Celebrated, Lampooned in Musical Comedy

• The Poly Post: ‘I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change’ premieres

Real Women Have Curves

• Polycentric: ‘Real Women Have Curves’ to Open at Cal Poly Pomona’s Studio Theatre

• The Poly Post: New Play At University Theatre

The Whipping Man

• The Poly Post: Play explores human interaction

Intimate Apparel

• Polycentric: ‘Intimate Apparel’ Tackles Sensitive Topics with Grace

• Polycentric: Theatre & New Dance Production Invited to Regional Festival

• Polycentric: For Theatre Students, KCACTF Invite Puts their Program ‘on the Map’

• The Poly Post: Intimate Apparel: a story of determination and dreams

• The Poly Post: Intimate Apparel captivates students

• The Poly Post: Theatre show goes regional

This Is Our Youth

• The Poly Post: This is Our Youth highlights issues of adolescence


2016-2017 Production Season

The Women of Lockerbie (May 19-28)

• Polycentric: A Community Grapples With Tragedy in ‘The Women of Lockerbie’

• The Poly Post: 'The Women of Lockerbie' on paradox of grief

I & You (April 20-30)

• Polycentric: Theatre Department’s Spring Production ‘I And You’ to Open

• The Poly Post: 'I & You' explores human connection

• The Poly Post: 'I & You' spring theatre production

Pride and Prejudice (Feb. 24-March5)

• The Poly Post: 'Pride and Prejudice:' lovely, creative

• The Poly Post: Literary classic 'Pride and Prejudice' coming to University Theatre

• Polycentric: Theatre Department stages production of 'Pride and Prejudice'

K2 (Jan. 26-Feb. 5)

• PolyCentric: Theatre Department continues season with 'K2'

• The Poly Post: Studio Theatre to feature challenging production of 'K2'

• The Poly Post: 'K2' actors give thought-provoking performance

Spatial Dance Scapes (Jan. 26-28)

• The Poly Post: Spatial Dance Scapes to be an exploration of space, time

• The Poly Post: Spatial Dance Scapes challenges audiences

The Taming of the Shrew (Nov. 11-20)

• The Poly Post: Theatre puts new spin on ‘The Taming of the Shrew’

• The Poly Post: Theatre production gives Shakespeare new life

• Polycentric: Theatre Department Gives Shakespeare a Modern Spin

Crooked (Oct. 20-30)

• The Poly Post: Campus production of ‘Crooked’ proves thought-provoking

2015-2016 Production Season

Avenue Q

The Poly Post: Theatre department takes CPP to ‘Avenue Q’

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