DigiTheatre Virtual Showcase 2020

DigiTheatre Virtual Showcase Spring 2020

Due to COVID-19, our Spring 2020 classes went virtual. Though our live in-person performances were suspended, this our students and faculty were still hard at work, writing, acting, and CREATING.

Enjoy our DigiTheatre Virtual Showcase to see the great work our students have been creating. Links are below, and you can also watch everything on our Cal Poly Pomona Department of Theatre & New Dance YouTube Channel. 

Portfolio Showcase!

Check out the new online portfolios of CPP Students:

Emily Rose Thompson
Margaret Magula
Michael Tarr
Paige Elwell

Acting III Virtual Reading: Road to Normal

Faculty member Michael Kachingwe invited an amazing group of professionals and mentors VIRTUALLY into his Acting III class. Together, Felisha Norman, Paul Mabon, Nicci Bates and David Ihrig alongside Michael embarked on a virtual casting process that gave the class a performance opportunity, a chance to practice the steps and preparation needed in the professional industry and a study in which they could compare ways to approach roles.


Program for Road to Normal virtual reading. 

Peer Theatre with Lexington Elementary: DigiTheatre Virtual Showcase

In Spring 2020's Peer Theatre 3210 Theatre class at Cal Poly Pomona, students worked with students at Lexington Elementary to listen and learn what they most wanted to see in theatre - and in collaboration with those young people, these 5 plays were born.

Best of Final Monologues, Directing Spring 2020

Best of Final Monologues Project Theatre 3560 Theater Directing, Spring 2020 Professor Colin Campbell.

DigiTheatre Virtual Showcase: Student Written One-Acts

Cal Poly Pomona Department of Theatre & New Dance presents Student Written One Act Festival. Enjoy these 6 new plays by Cal Poly Pomona playwrights. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these one acts went from being staged for the theater to being staged and recorded in the world of Zoom. Enjoy!


DigiTheatre Virtual Showcase: COVID-19 Project, Freshmen Showcase

We were originally were going to present scenes in a theater event to showcase the Freshman students. But then Covid 19 came along and live performance was out of the question. Professors Tom Bryant and Emilie Beck decided to have the students write COVID-19 related monologues and perform them on video.


DigiTheatre Virtual Showcase: Community Based Theatre - Shades of Beauty: Strength, Magic and Joy!

These pieces seek to actually represent the truths, perspectives and experiencs of the Pan-African Diaspora community members our students worked with during this semester. Thanks to our Community Partners: Erica Andrews, Jeffrey Dorsey Roslynn Glasco, Caleb Hooper Ajouraye Jefferson, Samia Ladner Jasmine Leigh, Todd Leigh Valynsia Sims.

DigiTheatre Virtual Showcase: Voice Class Final Performance 

Cal Poly Pomona TH 3520 Final Performance, Spring 2020: "Months of Torture Sweeten the Air." 


DigiTheatre Virtual Showcase: The Virus Diaries 

A collection of video pieces written, shot, edited and assembled by the students of CPP TH2530/2530L as a reflection of their personal experience of the COVID-19 Pandemic during the Spring of 2020. Featuring Sadaf Sharif, Daisy A. Posadas, Steve Phan, Kevin Mao, Sanjana Rajagopal, Billy Vo, Melanie Lopez, John Lee, Danise Kuang, Julia Hibner, Alexa Hartley, Carly Espinoza, Destiny Enriquez, Jennifer Eichhorn, Stephnie Alvarado. You can watch all of them on The Virus Diaries YouTube Channel or on the Cal Poly YouTube Channel (or below!)
Playlist C
Playlist O
Playlist V
Playlist I
Playlist D

DigiTheatre Virtual Showcase: Music compositions inspired by video game lore, by one of our sound design students, Levon Guaderrama. 

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