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COVID-19 Information

Please refer to CPP's Health Alert website for the most recent information from the university.

Effective March 18 through the end of the spring semester: Cal Poly Pomona has transitioned to virtual learning for all courses and to virtual services for as many services possible. Employees who can work remotely are not coming to campus. All Cal Poly Pomona critical business functions will continue.

  1. For our Fall 2020 interested incoming first year and transfer students, please email Carolina Sanchez at csanchez@cpp.edu.    
  2. If you have general academic advising questions, contact or visit the Bronco Advising Center.
  3. If you have major-specific advising questions, please email James Yokoyama at jjyokoyama@cpp.edu.
  4. If you are an at-risk student (at-risk, probation, or disqualified), please email Kortnee Burrell with your questions and concerns at klburrell@cpp.edu.
  5. For career related questions, as well as industry partners looking to connect with Collins College students, please email Ann Lara at aelara@cpp.edu.
  6. For submissions to the weekly Collins Update e-newsletter, please email Eric Sepulveda at ejsepulveda@cpp.edu.
  7. If you have vendor questions related to The Restaurant at Kellogg Ranch, please email Stephanie Zacahula at szacahula@cpp.edu.
  8. If you are a current, general Collins College vendor or scholarship donor, please email Chitra Perera at cperera@cpp.edu.
  9. To reach the Office of Dean Lea R. Dopson, please email lrdopson@cpp.edu.
  10. For media inquiries or questions regarding the Alumni Association, please email Diana Garcia at degarcia@cpp.edu.
  11. For any further questions, please email our Associate Dean, Michael Godfrey at mdgodfrey@cpp.edu.
  12. Refer to THIS page for a full list of our faculty and staff.