Future Students

Top 10

Reasons Choose The Collins College

Scholarship Abundance

1. Scholarship Abundance

More than $200,000 in merit-based scholarship are awarded by the college and industry partners every year.
86% Career Placement

2. 86% Career Placement

Students are ready to work upon graduation thanks to well-established career services and programs.

3. Travel Opportunities

Study abroad in Italy, attend trade-shows in Chicago and New York, and participate in national conferences.

4. Student Diversity

Our deeply diverse community encourages an all-inclusive environment and fosters cultural exchange.
5. Customized Curriculum

5. Customized Curriculum

Design your unique academic path and combine interdisciplinary interests for a fulfilling career.
Faculty Experts

6. Faculty Experts

Faculty add value with their industry experience, research, and membership in professional associations.
7. Specialized Staff

7. Specialized Staff

Staff with specialized degrees and an award-winning student success team provide guidance and resources.
Industry Partnerships

8. Industry Partnerships

Connect with the nation's top employers and hospitality leaders who share first-hand knowledge and experiences.
9. State-of-the-Art Facilities

9. State-of-the-Art Facilities

Thrive in a sustainable learning environment with the latest technology and industry standard equipment.
10. Perfect Location

10. Perfect Location

Between LA and the OC, SoCal's hospitality hub provides countless opportunities for students.