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CSU Hospitality & Tourism Alliance


The CSU Hospitality & Tourism Alliance (housed at The Collins College of Hospitality Management) works with key hospitality leaders and the 15 CSU undergraduate hospitality degree programs to prepare students for meaningful careers in one of California’s largest industries. It is a system-wide effort to provide an uninterrupted supply of hospitality leaders in California and is funded by the CSU Chancellor’s Office. In 2017, the CSU granted 97 percent of all Hospitality and Tourism degrees in California.

How HTA Started

The 2004 CSU Industry Impact Study highlighted both the importance of the hospitality industry to California’s economy and the substantial need for educated hospitality managers. Four Presidents’ Councils on Industries were formed. They are agriculture (Fresno), entertainment (San Francisco), hospitality (Pomona) and engineering (TBD). In 2005, hospitality program directors, faculty members, and industry leaders convened to make recommendations about how the CSU might better meet the needs of the industry.

Based on those recommendations, then-CSU Chancellor Charles Reed tasked Cal Poly Pomona then President J. Michael Ortiz to start the Hospitality & Tourism Alliance (HTA), formerly known as Hospitality & Tourism Management Education Alliance (HTMEA). When then-Dean Andy Feinstein joined the college in 2007, then President Ortiz gave him this responsibility, and in 2008 the alliance took shape.

Presently, Dr. Lea Dopson, dean of The Collins College continues these efforts as the CSU Director of Hospitality and Tourism Alliance.

What We Do

Student Recruitment: Bring hospitality and tourism experiences to K-12 schools to encourage career exploration.

Career Services: Host career expos and publish a newsletter with career and industry opportunities for both students and alumni.

Industry Partnerships: Convene industry leaders to listen to their needs and align education.

Faculty Collaboration: Share curricular trends, hands-on learning innovations, and research advancements.

Community College Pathways: Guide community college students with course pathways that transfer seamlessly to CSU bachelor’s degrees through articulation agreements and transfer model curriculum.

Visit The CSU Hospitality & Tourism Alliance website to learn more.

Outreach Videos

The Collins College, the HTA team and the California Restaurant Association's ProStart team have partnered on two occasions to offer high school students Experience Hospitality events. The partnerships and the service to high school students come to life in these videos.


Jodi Braverman
Director, Programs and Industry Relations
Hospitality & Tourism Alliance


Dr. Lea Dopson
Executive Director
Hospitality & Tourism Alliance