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Diane MillerSince it launched in 2019, the Cal Poly Pomona Philanthropic Foundation has significantly raised the bar on the role philanthropy plays in advancing student success at Cal Poly Pomona. Leveraging the generosity of thousands of donors – including engaging 2,179 first-time donors – the foundation raised more than $23 million last fiscal year for polytechnic labs and experiences, student scholarships and fellowships, facilities, faculty research and scholarship and other academic enrichment opportunities.

This success was built on the momentum sparked by the pandemic when the philanthropic foundation called upon donors to help students in need, and donors responded with an outpouring of support. This generosity empowered the foundation to give $500,000 to the Broncos Care Basic Needs Program, providing critical emergency grants to more than 1,000 students, and over 300 laptops and hot spots, allowing these students to continue their academic journey amid hardship.

The new chair of the philanthropic foundation, Diane Miller (’81, computer information systems), intends to channel this giving momentum to catalyze more involvement and continue to increase the foundation’s impact on student success.

“What inspires me is the passion of all the board members, their level of commitment, and exploring really creative and innovative ways to serve the Cal Poly Pomona community and make the biggest impact,” she says. “I know how important that hands-on polytechnic approach is to prepare students for successful careers, and it also puts them in a position to be able to give back.”

One of Miller’s goals as chair is to increase interaction between the foundation’s 20 board members and the campus community. She envisions engaging with colleges and student-focused programs and spending time on campus to understand where challenges exist and how to best provide philanthropic support.

Using the five-year strategic plan she spearheaded for the foundation, Miller also aims to help foundation board members, which include alumni, staff and faculty, become even stronger ambassadors for Cal Poly Pomona in their networks and communities.

“When people hear about the transformational impact Cal Poly Pomona has on students – how we’re helping them achieve their dreams and become future leaders in our community, they’re inspired. We want to get more people inspired and involved.”


$ 23,761,531
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First-time Donors


Gifts of $25K+

Giving Societies

Old Stables at CPP

  • 12 New Kellogg Voorhis Legacy Society Members (Planned Gifts)
  • 294 President's Circle Members ($2,500+ Annual Giving)
  • 13 Founders' Society Members Inducted (230K+ Cumulative Giving)

4 Polytechnic Labs and Experiences

President Coley and students in the Liquid Rocket Lab

$2.3 Million Since 2016

Liquid Rocket Lab
$338,000 in 2021-22
A student welding the Rose Float

$3.4 Million Since 2017

Rose Float Lab & Design Complex
$194,591 in 2021-22
A student working on a Mars project

College of Environmental Design

$400,000 for Capstone Courses
Class Travel Group

College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences

$200,000 for Travel Funds