Fundraising Update July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021. $53 million. A record year.
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Fundraising Update

New Major Gifts

The Ganpat and Manju Center for International Collaboration and Engineering Innovation

Ganpat Patel and his wife, Manju, gifted $1 million to advance the goals of international collaboration and faculty research; improve virtual learning; and fund projects in emerging areas like quantum and autonomous systems.

“There is no substitute for education. We must rise to the challenge and find innovative ways to meet this need.”
— Ganpat “Pat” Patel (’69, electrical engineering and instrumentation)

Sean Yu Travel Fund Endowment

Sean Yu established a $500,000 endowment for political science students to participate in travel programs, allowing them to gain greater cultural awareness and perspective by exploring how different societies function, and to ensure greater tolerance for people of varying backgrounds.

“It’s always important to think about your past and give back to support your past. At Cal Poly Pomona, I learned how to set a goal and be persistent about it. I want to help Cal Poly Pomona students and encourage them to be successful and do the same.”
— Sean Yu (’99, political science)
Tara Sethia

Ahimsa Center Shri Shantinath Endowed Chair

Established in 2003 by History Professor Tara Sethia, the Ahimsa Center’s programs have included an interdisciplinary minor in nonviolence studies, summer fellowship programs for K-12 educators in nonviolence and nonviolent social change, and numerous public programs such as conferences, workshops and special events.

Cypress Mountain Ranch Rose Float Lab Kitchen

Before he passed in March, Bill Jacobson (’61, animal husbandry) gifted $100,000 toward the new Rose Float Lab and Design Complex. Jacobson first got involved in Rose Float in the late 1950s when he was a student and continued to contribute his time and investment throughout his life. The Rose Float Kitchen will be named after his Cypress Mountain Ranch in Northern California, where Rose Float students have gathered for retreats.

Gifts By College

Paul Nissenson teaches a course on the first day of Fall semester 2021.

Donors provided more than $11 million for colleges to strengthen their academic programs and career resources to serve the unique needs and challenges of our students. Their gifts supported STEM scholarships, workshops and networking opportunities, emergency funds for basic needs and well-being, upgraded lab equipment, and faculty research.

  • Engineering: $2,721,334
  • Agriculture: $2,292,300
  • CLASS: $2,063,777
  • Science: $1,868,151
  • Business: 1,787,792
  • ENV: $507,267
  • Collins: $397,566
  • CEIS: $73,927

Gifts By Program

Mackenzie ScottA $40 million gift from author and philanthropist MacKenzie Scott and her husband Dan Jewett topped off a philanthropically successful year. Thanks to a generous community, students received technology devices, Wi-Fi access, and emergency grants for housing, food and well-being. Specialized programs and centers provided tutoring, mentorship, and career readiness workshops for student veterans, former foster youth, first-generation students and many others.

 “...People working to build power from within communities are the agents of change. Their service supports and empowers people who go on to support and empower others.”
— MacKenzie Scott

  • General: $40,388,282
  • Student Affairs: $639,471
  • Other: $194,009
  • Library: $74,085
  • Athletics: $65,777