For Presenters

Presentation Schedule

To download the printable presentation schedule, please visit the Presentation Schedule page. 

Presenter FAQs

As a presenter, do I need to register for the symposium?

Yes. All participants, including poster and session presenters and any attending co-presenters, must register for the symposium. The modest registration fee helps cover the cost of food and facility usage.

Will Wi-Fi be available?

Guest wireless access will be available during the symposium. Choose “guest.”

Will a printed program be provided?

No. We will use the Guidebook app, available for your mobile or browser, to provide the conference program. We will also provide a printable pdf which you are welcome to download or print on your own.

Will laptops be provided for presenters to use?

Laptops will NOT be provided. The following standard audiovisual equipment will be provided: :

  • Data projector equipped with a VGA cable
  • Wireless internet connection
  • Display screen

Any additional equipment must be provided by the presenter, including adapters of any kind to connect VGA to your laptop.

How do I get technical help during my presentation?

Conference staff and student assistants will be on standby; you can go to the registration table and ask for someone. Each room will also have a phone with a label giving the phone extension for the conference venue’s technical help.

May I bring handouts for my presentation?

Yes, please do! We recommend bringing about 15 copies. We are NOT able to make copies of presentation materials either onsite or prior to the conference.

What is the setup for posters?

Posters will be numbered so that you can find your board. Posters will be thumb-tacked (we will provide tacks) on free-standing 4x8 foot boards with a chair, similar to this setup:

Poster Sample

Can I have a laptop or other equipment with my poster?

Yes. However, power strips and extension cords will NOT be available due to safety concerns, so please ensure that your laptop or other equipment is fully charged prior to the poster session.

When can I set up my poster?

You may get breakfast and set your poster up beginning at 7:30 a.m. on Saturday April 14. The poster session officially begins at 8:00 a.m.

Why are we doing a “poster plenary discussion”? How does it work?

If you don’t get a chance to look at a particular poster, the plenary discussion will help you pick up what you missed. And, learning happens more when we talk to each other about what we’re learning.

At about 9:15 or so, a moderator will call everyone together and ask for thoughts on the significant ideas that came out of the posters. So, please get to the poster session early enough to see posters before then!