Cyber Security & Awareness Fair

Cyber Security Workforce Job Fair

The Cyber Security Workforce Job Fair is a casual and exclusive opportunity specifically for Cal Poly Pomona STEM students and the students who have taken part in the Cyber Security and Awareness Fair (CSAF). Companies will have the opportunity to see what these students are capable of with soft-skills in a bustling environment during the hand-on demonstrations during the fair and then speak to them about their resumes at this recruiting event after the fair from 2-5pm. For students that do not participate in the CSAF, we encourage you to participate in the Job Fair because this is a great opportunity to join the security community


Thank You To The Companies That Attended Our 2020 Job Fair:

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If you are interested in joining us in this great recruiting opportunity, download and read our Cyber Workforce PDF and contact Christopher Laasch for more information on how to participate in the JobFair.