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Fosters an Anti-Racist, Healthy, and Student-Ready Campus Community

The AVP/DOS Office works to promote student success and communal values for a safe, respectful, healthy, inclusive and vibrant campus community through various programs, services, response systems and initiatives. Through asset-based approaches, the office helps to educate the campus community, responds with grace when harm occurs, seeks restoration through restorative approaches and focuses on transformative change and radical imagination.

Provides Support Services and Manages Critical Incidents Impacting Students

The AVP/DOS office provides support and tailored referrals designed to assist students as they integrate the rich array of resources available on campus. The office facilitates coordinated responses to immediate situations and develops proactive initiatives to prepare for the future needs of our diverse student community.

Responds to Emerging Needs within the Student Community

The AVP/DOS office monitors, assesses and responds to emerging and existing student concerns and seeks ways to foster inclusivity, civility, respect and the development of resilient communities.

Enhances Students' CPP Experience and Promotes Lifelong Learning

The AVP/DOS Office serves as an advocate to students and their support networks in times of personal, academic or community crisis. The office facilitates student engagement, leadership and the reflective integration of formal and informal learning experiences in the preparation of globally-minded, environmentally conscious, civically-engaged and socially responsible citizens.