Food Permits


Important Note: Food Permit Applications seeking approval less than 2 business days before the date of the event will not be approved unless previously authorized by EH&S. No Exceptions 

Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) is responsible to issue permits for the sale and distribution of food products in a concentrated effort to protect the health and safety of the campus community. 

For permission to sell or to distribute food products, you must:

  1. Download and complete a Request for Authorization to Prepare, Sell or Serve Perishable/Non-Perishable Foods on Campus Form (F-1009-02 ) below.
    • Must be signed by the Food Handler (if box B or C), the organization president and advisor.
    • A list of providers to obtain a Food Handler Certificate can be found here: Food Handler Training
  2. Obtain an Application For Scheduled Event Form (F-2671-02) from the Office of Student Life (if scheduling an indoor event).
  3. Bring the completed forms with the food handler certificate to Environmental Health and Safety no later than 3 business days before the event. EH&S will issue an Approved Permit for Food Sales or Service. Applications for events submitted the day-of or the day-before will NOT be approved.

The permit and all supporting documentation must be displayed visibly at the site where food is dispensed.

Here are the documents necessary to obtain your food permit. Please read the entire document before completing the form at the end of the packet.

IMPORTANT: Food events are subject to spot-checks to ensure that all requirements are met. Events lacking food event approval or are not in compliance with food event requirements will be shut down immediately and clubs or other organizations will be reported to the Office of Student Life (OSL) and may be referred to the Dean of Judicial Affairs. 

Cease Activity

The following circumstances are cause to immediately shut-down the event.

  • Food Permit (Authorization to Sell/Serve Food) is not signed by EH&S at least 3 business days before the event.
  • Food Permit is not visibly posted during the event.
  • The Food Handler named on the form is not present for the duration of the event and/or food preparation.
  • Deviating from food items approved on the Food Permit. (Adding foods not previously approved)

Ref: Health and Safety Code Division 22 Chapter 4.; Food Sanitation Program Sheet EH&S IS-5; Rules Governing Food Sales or Service Sheet IS-6; Application for Special Event, Form F-084-00; and Request for Authorization to Prepare, Sell or Serve Perishable/Nonperishable Foods on Campus; Form F-1009-00.

Note: The following items are never permitted (See Food Event Appliaction for details)

  • Ground Beef (Exception- Frozen hamburger patties)
  • Pastries with cream or custard filling
  • Any home-prepared items containing meats, fish, dairy or mayonaise

Application FAQ's

Click an FAQ item below to expand or collapse your selection.

1) When do I fill out Box A?

Complete box A when you will be serving pre-packaged, non-perishable goods like bagged chips, sodas, bottled water etc. We define pre-packaged as being originally packaged by the manufacturer in individual servings.

2) When do I fill out Box B?

Complete box B when you are serving items that are not prepackaged. Box B items are foods/drinks that are both prepared and served by a registered food handler. Box B items require details as to how the food will be cooked and how it will be kept hot or cold. You must also provide the name, signature and certificate expiration date of the food handler and attach a copy of their current food handler certificate.

3) When do I fill out Box C?

Box C is reserved for food being served from any restaurant or caterer. Any food prepared by a restaurant that is intended to be served at any Cal Poly event must have a completed Box C with all of the following items (no exceptions if missing attached documents).

  • Current insurance verification including certification that Cal Poly is named as an Additional Insured
  • A current L.A. County Food Permit for the restaurant (or other county if applicable)
  • A current copy of the Food Handler Certificate for the restaurant employee who will supervise the serving of the food.
  • Provide a color copy of the Food Truck Disclaimer Notice if a food truck or mobile vendor will be used.

If the restaurant will not be serving the food, you must then include the name and food handler certificate for the person who will be supervising the serving of the food.

You must include a copy of the current food handler certificate to Box C

Exceptions to Box C items include:(Exceptions can be processed by using Box B)

  • Cal Poly restaurants operated by Cal Poly Foundation (must be on campus)
  • Costco Pizza
  • Serving platters from Grocery Stores