Safety Portals


EH&S has categorized content into Safety Portals in an effort to consolidate information as it pertains to different users. Depending on the interest of individual users, some users may require information across multiple portals. In an effort to facilitate the flow of information, we have cross-linked the safety portals to allow users to navigate freely between them.

Campus Facilities and Building Safety

A large volume of health and safety concerns received by EH&S involve questions or concerns regarding a University building or campus facility. To make it easier for our customers to find this information, we have compiled a dedicated page for topics pertaining to health and safety in buildings or campus facilities. These include topics that are natively represented across the Environmental Safety Portal and Occupational Safety Portal, but have been consolidated based on their association with campus facilities.

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MySafety Portal

Not sure which portal has what you need? Check-out the EH&S MyPortal to get quick access to information based on your job duties (Job Safety Classification).

MySafety Portal