Ergonomics is a broad topic that focuses on repetitive motions which have the potential to lead to employee discomfort or injury. We typically associate ergonomic injuries with office workers while in fact, ergonomic related injuries are just as possible to occur in any job type from agricultural workers, custodial staff, lecturers and even laboratory workers. It is important to stay current with ergonomic-based safety training to ensure that you are doing everything you can to maintain a safe work environment. Here we have provided some safety training topics that are available through Skillsoft and will help to give you the tools necessary to maintain a safe work environment.

  • Back Safety and Injury Prevention
  • Office Ergonomics
  • Ergonomics in the Workplace
  • Computer Ergonomics
  • Safety Orientation
  • Job Safety/Hazard Analysis

Of the courses listed above, only a select few would be assigned to an employee within a specific job safety classification due in large part to the overlapping information between courses. If you would like to learn more about ergonomics but are unsure which courses would apply best to you, consider contacting EH&S directly for more information.

Request an Ergonomic Assessment

If you would like to request an ergonomic assessment of your workstation, you can easily submit an online request using the button below.

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